IDRA Research & Consulting Ltd. is an Albanian company offering full-scale market research and consulting services. It is a spin-off from Institute for Development and Research Alternatives, one of the leading research institutes in the country.

IDRA Company has more than 8 years of experience in conducting research and providing consulting to projects for international and domestic companies or institutions. The dynamic growth of the past years has established IDRA company as one of the leading research and consulting agencies in Albania.

Our membership in ESOMAR, the world largest association of research professionals, ensures our commitment towards the values and integrity of research.

  IDRA News  

  • Albania School Stakeholders School Survey and Field Experiments
    IDRA Research & Consulting in cooperation with Oxford University has started a major research project about Public School System funded by World Bank.

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  • Household car ownership in Albania - 09/03/2009
    - 32 % of households in Albania declare to own at least one car
    - 44% of households' cars are “Mercedes Benz”

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  • Consumer Confidence Indicator by IDRA, now measured in Albania 10/02/2009
    From February 2009, IDRA Research & Consulting is assessing the Consumer Confidence Index for Albania, following a well-known tradition of the developed countries by measuring an important indicator of the pulse of the country’s economy.

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  • Albanian External Migration to Greece and Italy - Monograph
    VDM Verlag, an academic research publisher, just released a new monograph titled “The Albanian External Migration to Greece and Italy: Determinants of the Patterns”. Author of the monograph is Ledi Lapaj, Research Coordinator at IDRA Research & Consulting.

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  • Corruption Perception Survey

  • Tirana Transparency Survey

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